The Promoter is holding a promotion for companies in South Africa to secure their 2020 bookings for 4 or more people, before the end of February 2020, for any of the training courses offered by The Promoter, and receive a 10% discount as well as stand a chance to win R10 000 worth of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The promotion for the discount is open to all South African individuals and registered businesses.  The competition for the R10 000 of PPE is open only to South African registered businesses.

  1. Duration of the Competition:

The competition will commence on 06 February 2020 at 08h00 and will end on 29 February 2020 at midnight, including weekends and public holidays.

Entries received after 29 February 2020 will NOT be considered for the discount or the competition prize.

  • To qualify for the discount Promotion:

The Participant must:

  • Be a permanent resident in the Republic of South Africa or a registered business in the Republic of South Africa;
    • Be 18 years or older for individuals;
    • Have a valid ID or company registration documents;
    • Provide a valid cell phone number or work number and contact person.
  • To qualify for the Competition:

The Participant must:

  • Be a registered business in the Republic of South Africa;
    • Have valid company registration documents;
    • Provide a valid contact number and contact person.
  • How to participate:
    • The Participant must book and secure training with The Promoter by booking their required training as offered by The Promoter and securing such training either by paying a 50% deposit (for individuals) or providing a confirmed Purchase Order and signed quotation (businesses) in adherence with The Promoter’s standard Terms and Conditions before the end of February 2020.
    • Training must be booked in one of the scheduled public training courses advertised or on a date agreed and confirmed with The Promoter during the course of 2020.
    • Training must be booked for 4 or more people in any designate course (e.g. at least 4 people must be booked into the same course on the same date.)  Thereafter any further bookings secured in February for training during 2020 will also qualify for the 10% discount.
    • For every single course booked with 4 or more people in the same course as per stipulations above, the Participant will receive one entry towards the draw for PPE.
  • Discount and Competition Prize:
    • The 10% discount will be applied to the overall training course value excluding VAT and will be included on the quote during the month of February 2020, but will only remain valid if secured during February 2020 as per conditions stipulated in point 4.
    • The Competition prize is R10 000 worth of PPE costed on Recommended Retail Pricing and will come from the range offered by BBF Safety Group covering safety footwear, workwear, hard hats, dust masks, first aid kits and harnesses.  The winner will submit their PPE requirements and The Promoter will supply to the specification required; exact styles and products will be at the discretion of The Promoter and subject to availability
    • The prize is not transferable, unless by the written authorisation of the promoter.
    • The prize may not be redeemed for cash or any other forms of payment other than the product groups stipulated.
    • No returns, refunds or exchanges will be accepted for prizes awarded correctly as per the specification and details provided by the winner.
  • Awarding of Competition Prizes:
    • The prize will be awarded through the means of a random draw to be undertaken by The Promoter based on secured bookings as per stipulations outlined in the preceding points.
    • The winner will be notified telephonically or via e-mail, within fourteen (14) days of the draw taking place.
    • In the event that the winner cannot be successfully contacted within one (1) month of the competition being drawn, and following all reasonable attempts to do so, The Promoter reserves the right to draw another winner in substitution thereof or award the prize to one of the back-up winners.
  • Redemption of the Prize:

The following process must be followed to redeem the Prize:

  • The winner will be required to sign an acknowledgement of receipt of the prize letter and will be required to furnish the promoter with a copy of their company documents.
    • The winner will be required to send through their PPE requirements within one month of the acknowledgement of receipt of the prize letter including all correct sizes and specifications.
    • The winner will be sent a breakdown of the exact products and styles available to meet their specification to the value of R10 000.  Any additional PPE required over and above the PPE may be procured through the normal channels of business for which BBF SHEQ Services may provide a quote.
  • General:
    • By entering this promotion, all participants agree to these terms and conditions.
    • Directors, members, partners, employees, agents or consultants of; or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by The Promoter or marketing service providers in respect of the promotional competition, or the spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members thereof are not eligible to participate in this Competition nor is any person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the Promoter.
    • All information relating to this promotional competition and published on any promotional or advertising material forms part of these terms and conditions.
    • The winners of this promotional competition shall be chosen at The Promoter’s sole discretion.
    • In the event of any dispute, the decision of The Promoter will be final and binding on all aspects of this promotional competition.
    • The Promoter makes no representation, warranty or undertaking whatsoever as to any implied terms and conditions with respect to the prizes in this contest and will not entertain any direct correspondence with anyone in this regard.
    • The Promoter, its directors, members, partners, employees, agents, consultants, suppliers, contractors and sponsors assume no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising from a participant’s participation in this promotional competition and will not entertain any direct correspondence with anyone in this regard.
    • The Promoter will publish the winner’s names and photographs in any advertising, promotional, print, point of sale or public relations material deemed reasonable by The Promoter.
    • The Promoter shall have the right to terminate this promotional competition with immediate effect, prior to any draw having taken place. In such event, all participants hereby waive any rights, which they may have against The Promoter and hereby acknowledge that they will have no recourse or claim of any nature whatsoever against The Promoter, its directors, members, partners, employees, sponsors, agents.
    • The Promoter reserves the right to amend, modify, change, postpone, suspend or cancel this competition and any prizes (which have not yet been subject to a draw), or any aspect thereof, without notice at any time, for any reason which it reasonably deems necessary.
    • Participants hereby indemnify and hold harmless The Promoter, its directors, members, agents, advisors, supplier’s partners, employees, sponsors and consultants to the fullest extent allowed in law, against any claims arising howsoever from their participation in this competition and/or use of the prize.
    • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook and/or Twitter or any other medium used to promote this competition.
    • These rules shall be governed by the laws of the Republic South Africa. The participant consents to the jurisdiction of the High Court, in respect of all matters arising out of or in connection with the Competition or these rules.
    • If any provision of these rules is found to be invalid or unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction, then that provision shall be severed from these rules and shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any remaining provisions.
    • It is not intended that any provision of these rules contravenes any provision of the Consumer Protection Act No. 68 of 2008, and therefore all provisions of these rules must be treated as being qualified, if necessary, to ensure that the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act are complied with, where applicable.
    • The Promoter reserves the right in its absolute discretion to disqualify any participant if it has reasonable grounds to believe that a participant has breached any of the terms and conditions,
    • Each Participant acknowledges and agrees that any failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions could lead to The Promoter disqualifying that person, without The Promoter giving any reason for such disqualification or granting any opportunity for challenge.
    • By entering, a Participant acknowledges that personal information about the Participant will be shared with The Promoter and their agents to the extent necessary to conduct the Competition and for prizes to be delivered to prize winners.
    • Errors and omissions excepted.